v1.11.00 Sandbox Live

Released on Friday 27th April 2018

API Updates:

  • Admin API features supporting GDPR audit log
  • Admin API features for managing user deletion
  • Added default limit of 100 entries to GET /users function
  • Added support for retrieving draft offerings as an organization "team member"

Backoffice Updates:

  • GDPR audit log
  • GDPR delete user functionality
  • Fixed issues relating to timestamps and daylight savings time


Released on Friday 16th March 2018

API Updates:

  • Added support for "credited_user_id" parameter in Mangopay functions
  • Fixed bug relating to "Applications" feature


Released on Tuesday 6th February 2018

API Updates:

  • Checkout Finland polling API
  • Added offering ID to GET /self/payouts
  • Fixed bug relating to the offering funding % email trigger
  • Fixed bug where messages sent to an organizations key contact were delivered to the author in certain cases

Backoffice Updates:

  • Rebranded backoffice with Difitek brand
  • Fixed bug where search fields did not search for entries under 3 characters
  • Added bank account updates to user changelogs
  • Added indicator for the users most recently created bank account
  • Fixed issue where apostrophes were showing as HTML in certain areas
  • Fixed issue where organizations and offerings were limited to 100 entries on certain pages
  • Fixed issues relating to name tags in mail triggers


Released on Friday 15th December 2017

API Updates:

  • Integration to Equifax
  • Added default limits of 100 entries for GET functions
  • Added support to retrieve offerings and organizations by author
  • Fixed bug related to ordering users by "credit_score"

Backoffice Updates:

  • Added new recipients to deal room mail triggers
  • Fixed an issue where the "Update Organization" page had intermittent 500 errors


Released on Wednesday 29th November 2017

API Updates:

  • Fixed an issue where an organizations "Key Contact" was not updating correctly
  • Fixed a rounding issue in the Checkout integration


Released on Friday 17th November 2017

API Updates:

  • Several updates to admin API endpoints for new backoffice functions

Backoffice Updates:

  • Added an "organization ID" field to the investments export file
  • Fixed an issue where the "Topic created" email trigger was not delivering emails
  • Added new mail triggers for deal room functions
  • Added new variables to mail triggers


Released on Monday 23rd October 2017

API Updates:

  • Showing error code after too many incorrect password attempts using GET /authenticate
  • Fixed bug where all nationalities were not correctly transmitted using POST /self/mangopayRegister
  • Improvements to Stripe integration
  • Allowing filtering and sorting using GET /public/organizations

Backoffice Updates:

  • Fixed bug where "Revert Approve User" button was not functioning
  • Fixed bug where the backoffice was not loading after session timeouts
  • Added users bank details to investments export file


Released on Thursday 21st September 2017

API Updates:

  • Imrpovements to the payment integration with Stripe
  • Allowing sorting by "created_at"
  • Added new routes for managing users bank accounts
  • Fixed bug where storing "0" in some custom fields saves an empty field

Backoffice Updates:

  • Added referral code, affiliate code, and "ApprovedDate" fields to user export file
  • Added pagination to wallet transactions page
  • Added new mail triggers for deal room interactions
  • Added user data fields to investments export file
  • Fixed bug relating to updating capitalization owners


Released on Friday 18th August 2017

API Updates:

  • Added functionality to save custom fields to loan books
  • Fixed bug related to VIP users investing in restricted offerings
  • Fixed bug relating to resetting a forgotten password as an admin user
  • Added organization_id "IN" filter for offerings
  • Added functionality to base filter query to pick null records
  • Added admin API route to retrieve Reyker users

Backoffice Updates:

  • Fixed issue relating to resetting an admin users password via the backoffice
  • Allowing CSV export of custom info fields on the investments page
  • Fixed various JS issues
  • Fixed issue relating to new admin users having to approve T&C's on each login
  • Added post code to user CSV export file
  • Fixed bug relating to 'n' being converted to
    when saving data
  • Performance update to the "Reyker users" page


Released on Thursday 13th July 2017

API Updates:

  • Fixed bug when editing investments as an admin user
  • New Stripe endpoints added
  • New mail trigger added for Reyker integration
  • Support for filtering by custom info fields
  • Fixed rounding error in "sum_capital_outstanding" field

Backoffice Updates:

  • Fixed UI issue related to mail triggers
  • Fixed responsiveness issues in menu icons
  • Added support for exporting the Reyker users log
  • Added new recipients to offering mail triggers
  • Fixed small issue relating to data tables


Released on Friday 30th June 2017

  • Improved error messaging when returning exceptions from Mangopay API services
  • Updated Reyker registration to include additional address fields
  • Added support for filtering when returning all Wallets for a network
  • Added support for filtering of featured Offerings and Loanbooks
  • Added new route POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/transfer


Released on Tuesday 13th June 2017

API Updates:

  • Lemonway API integration added
  • Added support for filtering by "<>" commands
  • Added new offering mail triggers
  • Added new investment mail triggers
  • Fixed bugs relating to optional transaction mail triggers
  • Fixed bug when filtering users via admin API
  • Added support for up to 4 decimal places in the offerings "number_of_shares" field

Backoffice Updates:

  • Fixed several Javascript errors due to security updates
  • Fixed bugs relating to search fields
  • Added feature for generating repayments via Mangopay


Released on Sunday 21st May 2017

API Updates:

  • Management of user password requirements
  • Admin API routes for creating Mangopay transfers for other users
  • Added an additional_type field to internal wallets
  • Added new route for creating payments to a sub-merchant via Checkout.fi
  • Increase character limit for the Offering name field from 64 to 100
  • Fixed a rounding error in price_per_share field

Backoffice Updates:

  • Management of user password requirements
  • Interface for generating Mangopay transfers for unpaid payouts
  • Fixed bug relating to creating payouts for sold capitalizations


Released on Friday 28th April 2017

API Updates:

  • Security update for handling numerous invalid login attempts
  • Filtering offerings by "repayments_remaining"
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Added new life_cycle_stage to capitalizations
  • Added support for uploading GCEN KYC documents via external CDN
  • Updated offering analytics feature
  • Added new endopoints to Goji IFISA integration
  • Added support for filtering offerings by "secondary_market" attribute
  • Added support for filtering offerings by "LTV" attribute

Backoffice Updates:

  • Added numerous security updates
  • Added rich text editor to long text fields
  • Added new email triggers for Offerings
  • Added support for two-factor authentication


Released on Friday 24th March 2017

API Updates:

  • New endpoints for Goji P2P IFISA
  • Returning user custom_info fields while filtering
  • Fixed bug of rounded price_per_share
  • Updated investment's capital_outstanding field
  • Added endpoint for retrieving Mangopay PayIn and PayOut by ID
  • Updated GET /self/portfolio response
  • Returning "custom" objects as JSON object instead of array if object is empty
  • Enabled sorting of offering documents
  • Enabled filtering of offerings by raised_percent using "<" or ">"

Backoffice Updates:

  • Increased page limit in user listing
  • Enabled distribututing capitalizations through backoffice
  • Fixed bug when editing user information


Released on Thursday 23rd February 2017

API Updates:

  • Added GET /admin/{network}/users/{user_id}
  • Fixed DELETE /documents/{document_id}
  • Fixed bug when filtering and sorting simultaneously
  • Added accepted parameters to PATCH /offerings/{offering_id}
  • Disallowing 'max_overfunding_amout' < 0 for Offerings
  • Allowing Withdrawing offerings in Draft stage
  • Allowing only real calendar days when creating Payout Schedules
  • Added Stripe functions for monthly subscriptions
  • Added filtering and sorting to GET /wallets
  • Added message variables to Mangopay emails
  • Fixed bug when making transfers to users GCEN wallet
  • Showing exception when open_date > close_date in offerings
  • Returning custom fields in GET users limited response
  • Added admin routes for Goji transfers

Backoffice Updates:

  • Fixed /investments/ timeout bug
  • Fixed /offerings/investments timeout bug
  • Added message variables to Mangopay emails
  • Added user export function to Sandbox


Released on Friday 3rd February 2017

  • Added new route POST /self/gbgroup/idVerify
  • Depreciated function GET /self/gbgIdVerify. Please use 'POST /self/gbgroup/idVerify' instead.
  • Added Activity Logs for Organizations that run KYC Checks through Contego using POST /organizations/{organization_id}/contego/companyCheck
  • Added new route GET /organizations/{organization_id}/contego to check the latest status of a Contego KYC Check
  • Enabled filtering and sorting of Offerings by custom fields
  • Added an Exception when setting the founding_date field of an Organization with an invalid date format. The format should be 'Y-m-d' (e.g., 2010-12-21)
  • Added an Exception when setting the capitalization_id field of an Offering if the Capitalization's price_per_share and number_of_shares do not match those of the Offering
  • Added the Capitalization's service_charge to the response in GET /self/portfolio
  • Fixed Mangopay address bug
  • Added full bank details to GET /self/mangopay/bankaccounts
  • Added new route POST /self/goji/cash
  • Added new email triggers
  • Added "credit-active" check to Veridu


Released on Friday 27th January 2017

  • Added exception when running a Contego KYC Check when the User does not have a phone_1 or a phone_2 entry
  • Updated Mangopay Wallet Transfer function to inclde a target_wallet_id parameter when transferring from one Mangopay Wallet to another
  • Enabled use of the Verify TUPAS function without specifying a user_id by creating a new route without the user_id path parameter
  • Added new route GET /wallets/{wallet_id} to retrieve a User's wallet by its id
  • Added optional parameters such as tag to all Mangopay routes
  • Made tax_id an optional field in the Reyker registration API service
  • Created a workflow API function which will make a batch call for loan repayments


Released on Tuesday 24th January 2017

  • Full integration with the Goji P2P Innovative Finance ISA service
  • Added new route GET /self/goji/terms
  • Added new route POST /self/goji/acceptTerms
  • Added new route GET /self/goji/declaration
  • Added new route POST /self/goji/agreeDeclaration
  • Added new route POST /self/goji/validate
  • Added new route POST /self/goji/register
  • Added new route GET /self/goji
  • Added new route PATCH /self/goji
  • Added new route GET /self/goji/isa
  • Added new route GET /self/goji/isa/summary
  • Added new route POST /self/goji/investments
  • Added new route POST /self/goji/investments/{investment_id}/repayment
  • Added new route POST /self/goji/investments/{investment_id}/reinvestment
  • Added a new service_charge field for the Investment and Offering objects
  • Fixed bug in calculating the effect of a purchase cost in the purchase-shares workflow


Released on Tuesday 10th January 2017

  • Fixed bug in Contego Response Email Trigger
  • Enabled filtering of Investments (of a user) by their offering_id
  • Added new function POST /self/resetAcceptTerms
  • Fixed bug in Mangopay Bank Wire Reference Email trigger
  • Added dividends_received field to GET /self/portfolio
  • Fixed bug showing database error relating to Data Models
  • Updated GET /self/payouts to include Payouts made for Capitalizations
  • Disabled 'crediva' check in Veridu
  • Depreciated POST /self/mangopayRegister. Please use POST /self/mangopay/register instead.
  • Depreciated POST /self/organizations/{organization_id}/mangopayRegister. Please use POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/register instead.
  • Depreciated POST /self/mangopayWallets. Please use POST /self/mangopay/wallets instead.
  • Depreciated POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopayWallets. Please use POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/wallets instead.
  • Depreciated GET /self/mangopayWallets. Please use GET /self/mangopay/wallets instead.
  • Depreciated GET /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopayWallets. Please use GET /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/wallets instead.
  • Depreciated GET /self/mangopayWallets/{wallet_id}. Please use GET self/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id} instead.
  • Depreciated GET /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopayWallets/{wallet_id}. Please use GET /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id} instead.
  • Depreciated GET /self/mangopayKycCheck. Please use POST /self/mangopay/submitKycDocument instead.
  • Depreciated POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopayKycCheck. Please use POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/submitKycDocument instead.
  • Depreciated POST /self/mangopayCardRegister. Please use POST /self/mangopay/cards/register instead.
  • Depreciated POST /self/mangopayCards. Please use POST /self/mangopay/cards instead.
  • Depreciated POST /self/mangopayCards/{card_id}/payin/{wallet_id}. Please use POST /self/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/payinByCard with card_id parameter instead.
  • Depreciated POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/cards/{card_id}/payin/{wallet_id}. Please use POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/payinByCard with card_id parameter instead.
  • Depreciated POST /users/{user_id}/mangopayWalletPayinBankWire/{wallet_id}. Please use POST /self/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/payinByBankWire instead.
  • Depreciated POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopayWalletPayinBankWire/{wallet_id}. Please use POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/payinByBankWire instead.
  • Depreciated POST /users/{user_id}/mangopayTransfer. Please use POST /self/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/transfer with wallet_id parameter instead.
  • Depreciated POST /users/{user_id}/bankaccounts/{type}. Please use POST /self/mangopay/bankaccounts instead.
  • Depreciated POST /organizations/{organization_id}/bankaccounts. Please use POST /organizations/{organization_id/mangopay/bankaccounts instead.
  • Depreciated POST /users/{user_id}/mangopayWalletPayoutBankWire/{wallet_id}. Please use POST /self/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/payout instead.
  • Depreciated POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/payouts/{wallet_id}. Please use POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/payout instead.
  • Depreciated GET /self/mangopayWallets/{wallet_id}/transactions. Please use GET /self/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/transactions instead.
  • Added new route POST /self/mangopay/wallets/{wallet_id}/payinByUnregisteredCard
  • Added new route POST /capitalizations/{capitalization_id}/merge
  • Fixed bug where Investments with investment_amount of 0 would trigger a minimum commitment exception
  • Updated GET /investments/{investment_id} so that Investment Documents would be returned if the logged-in User is the Investment's author or an Admin User
  • Updated GET /self/payouts and GET /self/stats to include Payouts related to Capitalizations


Released on Friday 16th December 2016

  • Updated GET /self/portfolio to show distributed Capitalizations in sales, offered and held categories
  • Added new sum_outstanding_payouts field to Offering object
  • Added new Mangopay functionality to update or delete registered cards
  • Fixed bug with Veridu Background Checks
  • Fixed bug with adding a UK Bank Account using Mangopay
  • Fixed bug with GET /payouts/{payout_id}/transactions not returning all Transactions in some circumstances
  • Moved POST /self/tupas/verify to the Admin API
  • Improved the performance of GET /offerings/{offering_id}/payouts
  • Improved the performance of GET /investments/{investment_id}/payouts
  • Enabled sorting Offerings by any Offering attribute including interest_rate
  • Fixed bug where <br> tags would be inserted into mail triggers using HTML styling
  • Fixed bug in using Google Geocoding API to retrieve the longitude and latitude of an Organization or User based on their address
  • Added new routes GET self/mangopay/kyc/documents and GET organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/kyc/documents to retrieve a list of KYC documents submitted to Mangopay
  • Added GET /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/bankaccounts/{bank_account_id} to access Mangopay Bank Account for an Organization
  • Fixed bug where GB bank account information would not be retrieved for saved Mangopay Bank Accounts
  • Added organization_id to top level of GET /self/portfolio
  • Added GET /public/applications to show all Approved Applications in the network
  • Updated GET /users/{user_id}/investments so that all Investments are returned if the logged-in User is the investor or an admin user


Released on Wednesday 7th December 2016

  • Moved portfolio statistics from GET /self/stats to GET /self/portfolio
  • Enabled filtering portfolio by date using GET /self/portfolio?start_date=YYYY-MM-DD&end_date=YYYY-MM-DD
  • Enabled filtering investment statistics by date using GET /self/stats?start_date=YYYY-MM-DD&end_date=YYYY-MM-DD
  • Improved performance of GET /offerings when using multiple filters
  • Improved performance of GET /self/investments when using multiple filters
  • Fixed bug where GET /users/{user_id}/investments would time out if the User had many Investment Payouts
  • Added new Admin API functionality for changing a User's email or password
  • Fixed bug where multiple New Investment Created email triggers would be generated when using the secondary share purchase workflow
  • Enabled sorting Offerings by price_per_share
  • Fixed bug when sorting Offerings by published_at
  • Fixed bug when creating Payouts for a Capitalization which is not attached to an Offering
  • Added support for filtering by custom fields by prepending custom__ to a filter value
  • Added new exceptions when trying to register an IBAN bank account for a User or an Organization using Mangopay if an invalid IBAN or BIC code is provided


Released on Wednesday 30th November 2016

  • Added bank_logo parameter to TUPAS functions
  • Converted TUPAS data response from XML to JSON format
  • Fixed bug with verifying MAC through Checkout service
  • Fixed bug with Country Name on Checkout service
  • Updated Application object to include attributes for promoting the Application to an Offering or Investment
  • Added new exception when implementing POST /self/applications without using the life_cycle_stage parameter
  • Added new exception when failing the timestamp check in the API authentication process
  • Enabled filtering by published_at date on GET /public/featuredOfferings
  • Enabled setting any User's term_service_accepted flag to false through the Back Office
  • Enabled additional KYC response checks for through Veridu service


Released on Thursday 17th November 2016

  • Updated API function for listing Reyker Users and Transactions so that the latest KYC status is retrieved instead of the first
  • Fixed dividend calculations in GET /self/stats
  • Added new route GET /graydon/checkCompanyByCRN to retrieve a company by company number using Graydon service
  • Improved performance of GET /offerings when Offerings have multiple associated Payouts and Transactions
  • Updated GET /public/organizations and GET /public/organizations/{organization_id} so that unauthenticated Users cannot retrieve Restricted Organizations
  • Fixed bug with retrieving the final KYC status of a Contego User KYC check with a Document scan where the result initially returns 'WAITING'
  • Fixed bugs with Back Office emails based on 'Offering reaches 50%' and 'New Investment' triggers
  • Enabled creating Payouts for Capitalizations in order to process dividends more easily in secondary market implementations
  • Added new POST /self/tupas/updateUser route for updating a User's KYC status through the TUPAS service
  • Added price_per_share attribute to Investments in order to facilitate bid/ask auction functionality
  • Fixed bug with Country formats when using Checkout payment service
  • Updated the response format for POST /self/checkout/payment from XML to JSON
  • Added new POST /self/checkout/verifyMAC route for using Checkout service
  • Fixed bug where the integer 0 would not be saved in custom fields under some circumstances
  • Increased the size of the Organization location field from 32 to 64 characters
  • Fixed bug where GCEN withdrawal requests would not be accepted if the bank details were sent as parameters instead of from the User's stored bank details
  • Added fundamerica_entity_id to Organization object model
  • Added gcen_client_id to Organization object model
  • Added fundamerica_offering_id to Offering object model
  • Add outstanding capital gains, dividends and loan repayments to GET /self/stats
  • Add portfolio array to GET /self/stats for use in Tax Statements
  • Add valuation_gain, price_per_share_at_acquisition and number_of_shares_at_acquisition to the Capitalization model
  • Remove requirement to provide passport_number when running User KYC through GCEN


Released on Friday 4th November 2016

  • Added Investment provider_fee for use in Reyker Transaction Log
  • Updated integration with FundAmerica's API for managing entities, offerings and investments for US-based platforms
  • New integration with Stripe API to allow users to add funds to their wallets using a payment card
  • New integration with GreenID for KYC/AML
  • Fixed bug where GET /self/documents was not returning documents added to the User's account by admin users
  • Updated max_overfunding_amount logic to take into account the Offering's external_commitments
  • Added new Contego company KYC check at POST /organizations/{organization_id}/contego/companyCheck
  • Fixed 500 errors when using social sign in routes without a redirect_uri


Released on Friday 28th October 2016

  • Fixed bug with filtering Payouts by investment_id using 'in' operator
  • Fixed 500 error on POST /dealrooms/{dealroom_id}/topics without 'title' parameter
  • Fixed bug where a custom message would not be shown to the User after being blocked
  • Fixed 500 error on POST /posts/{post_id}/comments without 'body' parameter
  • Fixed 500 error if User not found when creating a Capitalization with owner_id
  • User > registration_complete is now 'false' by default not ''
  • Fixed 500 error on POST /topics/{topic_id}/posts without 'body' parameter
  • Fixed 500 error when creating a Document without 'file_name' parameter
  • Updated handling Reyker trade instructions


Released on Thursday 13th October 2016

  • Added a check for an existing User > gcen_client_id before processing GCEN registration
  • Allow filtering between upper and lower values, for example, filtering Payouts by a due_date in between two dates
  • Added the custom field to the Transaction object model
  • Added support for Reyker SFTP Export and sending withdrawal requests
  • Fixed 500 error when using DELETE /organizations/{organization_id}
  • Fixed bug where POST /self/changeEmail did not prevent using an invalid email address
  • Fixed Contego 500 error when not specifying a Profile ID
  • Send address > sub_building to GCEN as 'FlatNo' when implementing GCEN user registration
  • Updated Reyker transaction log & withdrawal request implementations
  • Added exception when creating a Capitalization for Organization without providing owner_id
  • Fixed bug in filtering when using <= operator


Released on Friday 7th October 2016

  • Update POST /offerings/{offering_id}/generatePaymentSchedule and POST /investments/{investment_id}/generatePaymentSchedule to use a payouts key in the request body
  • Add 'token' to response for self/changeEmail and self/changePassword so that Users can remain logged in after updating their information
  • Added further exception to DELETE organizations/{organization_id}/members/{user_id} when User is not already a member of the Organization
  • Fixed 500 error on DELETE /documents/{document_id} when Document not found
  • Added 'ping' API method
  • Fixed bug with Organization visibility in GET organizations/{organization_id}/offerings
  • Fixed bug with User visibility in GET /users/{user_id}/investments
  • Fixed bug with User visibility in GET /users/{user_id}/offerings
  • Fixed bug with Organization visibility in PATCH /organizations/{organization_id}
  • Fixed bug where sum_settled_investments was not being returned in GET /public/stats
  • Fixed incorrect exception message when trying to create an Investment for a Settled Offering
  • Add documents to Investment object response
  • Fixed 500 error on POST /investments/{investment_id}/payouts when Investment not found
  • Fixed 500 error on POST /investments/{investment_id}/documents when Investment not found
  • Fixed bug where Organizations with visibility = hidden were being returned by GET public/organizations
  • Fixed bug where "Narrative" was not being returned for withdrawals in GET /self/gcen/balanceLog
  • Added support for expiring API keys to enable a key rotation security policy


Released on Tuesday 27th September 2016

  • Updated Exception code for retrieving an Offering with an invalid offering_id from 40010 to 40002
  • Fixed bug with email validation on POST /public/newsletterSignUp route
  • Fixed bug where the API could return success response when trying to set an Organization’s created_at field through PATCH /organizations/{organization_id}
  • Added calculations for Valuation Gains for Investment
  • Added filtering by life_cycle_stage to Organizations, Offerings and Investments
  • Allowed Users to update their own Investments to Settled or Withdrawn state for secondary market implementations
  • Fixed bug with accessing Reyker API in staging environment
  • Added SMTP credentials for using Reyker to send transactions for shareholding recording
  • Added support for processing Contego new KYC checks and checking the existing status of the last KYC check through the Back Office
  • Updated GCEN response codes so that GCEN-side errors are returned as exceptions instead of success responses
  • Added new exception to POST /public/verifyEmail if the User has already verified their email address
  • Added filtering by price_per_share for GET /self/offerings
  • Return settled_at field to Offering response model
  • Added function to allow Users to split Capitalizations into multiple child Capitalizations
  • Fixed bug where editing Capitalizations in the Back Office would cause a 500 error
  • Added filtering by raised_percent for GET /self/offerings
  • Added sorting and filtering by organization_id for GET /self/offerings, GET /self/investments and GET /self/capitalizations
  • Added filtering on GET /self/transactions, GET /payouts/{payout_id}/transactions and GET /wallets/{wallet_id}/transactions
  • Allow GET /public/offerings to return Offerings in Closing lifecycle stage
  • Add 'owner_object' and 'owner_id' to Document response to help with debugging document access restrictions
  • Fix 500 error on POST /self/gcen/requestWithdrawal if user doesn't have a bank account


Released on Friday 16th September 2016

  • Added admin functionality to create and user API functionality to retrieve network global constants
  • Added admin functionality to retrieve all unpaid payouts for an Offering
  • Added admin functionality to retrieve Reyker user activity for a User
  • Added new TUPAS integrated service for KYC services
  • Added POST /self/tupas/verify
  • Added new Checkout integrated service for payments
  • Added support for change logs for Users, Organizations and Offerings
  • Added POST /payouts/{payout_id}/transactions
  • Added GET /public/globals
  • Added new filtering options for GET /self/organizations
  • Added new filtering options for GET /self/investments
  • Added new filtering options for GET /users/{user_id}/investments
  • Added new filtering options for GET /self/capitalizations and GET /organizations/{organization_id}/capitalizations
  • Added new User attributes tupas_cust_name and tupas_cust_id
  • Added new Exception 35005 if user tries to create a Capitalization without a capitalization_type
  • Added support for using narrative parameter in GCEN function calls for card payments, balance transfers and withdrawals
  • Updated Offering lifecycle stage rules for P2P lending platforms so that Users can move their own Offerings from Published to Closing, Settled or Canceled state
  • Updated the Offering repayments_remaining calculated attribute to use Payouts from Settled, Approved and Open Investments instead of just Settled Investments
  • Allowed saving custom data to Offerings that are currently Published or Closing
  • Increased character limit on Organization’s additional_type field from 16 to 32 characters
  • Fixed bug where Mangopay Reference Number would not be added to Back Office trigger emails
  • Fixed bug where GET /self/capitalizations would return Capitalizations created by the logged-in User instead of Capitalizations owned by the logged-in User


Released on Wednesday 7th September 2016

  • Support for managing Share Registries through an Organization’s Capitalizations list
  • Added capitalization_id parameter to Offerings
  • New Applications endpoint: POST /self/applications
  • New Applications endpoint: PATCH /applications/{application_id}
  • New Applications endpoint: GET /self/applications
  • New Applications endpoint: GET /applications/{application_id}
  • Added POST /investments/{investment_id}/generatePaymentSchedule
  • Added POST /offerings/{offering_id}/generatePaymentSchedule
  • Added support for filtering Payouts
  • Added PATCH /loanbooks/{loanbook_id}
  • Added GET /loanbooks/{loanbook_id}/documents
  • Added POST /loanbooks/{loanbook_id}/documents
  • Added support for custom fields to Loanbooks
  • Added updated_at and created_at to Payout model response
  • Updated exception messages when returning from a failed update to an Offering’s life_cycle_stage due to Lifecycle Stage rules
  • Added optional narrative parameter on GCEN request withdrawal function
  • Fixed bug where Users who were not yet members of the network could be added to an Organization’s team


Released on Wednesday 31st August 2016

  • Added POST /offerings/{offering_id}/payouts to create a payment schedule for a borrower or offering owner
  • Added GET /offerings/{offering_id}/payouts to retrieve a payment schedule for a borrower or offering owner
  • Added visibility attribute to Topics, Posts and Comments to enable creating forum content that is hidden or anonymous for non-admin users
  • Added support for investing variable amounts from Loanbooks into Offerings
  • Prevented settling Offerings that have outstanding Open Investments. Investments should not left Open if the Offering is to be settled.
  • Fixed bug with empty website_view_users column in Analytics service
  • Added updated_at attribute to Organizations response


Released on Friday 19th August 2016

  • Depreciated GCEN route POST /self/gcenCardPayment
  • Added GCEN route POST /self/gcen/cardPayment
  • Depreciated GCEN route POST /self/gcenCardPaymentResponse
  • Added GCEN route POST /self/gcen/confirmCardPayment
  • Depreciated GCEN route POST /self/gcenInvestmentDeposit
  • Added GCEN route POST /self/bankTransfer
  • Depreciated GCEN route POST /self/gcenIdDocumentCheck
  • Added GCEN route POST /self/gcen/submitKycDocument
  • Depreciated route POST /self/gcenBalanceTransferToOffering/{offering_id}
  • Added GCEN route POST /self/gcen/balanceTransferToOffering/{offering_id}
  • Added GCEN route POST /self/gcen/balanceTransferToUser/{user_id}
  • Added GCEN route GET /self/gcen
  • Fixed bug where GCEN card payments would be sent to GCEN Client 100
  • Added GCEN Bank Reference as a variable in related Back Office email triggers
  • Added Reyker route GET /self/reyker/plans
  • Fixed bug that caused Reyker service to return ‘country ID not recognised’
  • Fixed bug where the author Topics would be returned as the Topic’s Deal Room’s Offering’s author instead of the creator of the Topic
  • Added investor_count attribute to Offering response
  • Added filtering functionality to GET /self/payouts
  • Fixed bug where existing email address exception was not generated
  • Added functionality to invest from a Loanbook into an Offering
  • Added calculated field count_investors_with_settled_investments to GET /public/stats
  • Fixed bug with default email address saved through Twitter authentication
  • Added GET /offerings/{offering_id}/gcen/balance
  • Added GET /offerings/{offering_id}/gcen/balanceLog
  • Fixed bug with Topics and Comments returning a count that included deleted items


Released on Thursday 4th August 2016

  • Fixed bug where Offerings’ published_at attribute was not being returned by the API if the Offering had not yet been Published
  • Addresses now return all address fields even if no data exist for e.g. sub_building
  • Fixed internal server error caused by trying to make an Investment without specifying a valid investment_amount
  • Fixed bug where sending an invalid number as an Investment’s investment_amount would lead to unpredictable conversions to valid decimals
  • Added net_annualized_return calculation to GET /self/payouts response
  • Fixed bugs where GET /topics/{topic_id}/posts would return deleted Posts in the count field, and the same issue for Topics and Comments
  • Fixed bug where Investments’ currency attribute was not being returned by the API if a currency had not been set
  • Improved exception message when calling PATCH /self with an invalid value in the gender field
  • Improved exception message when calling PATCH /self with an invalid date format for birth_date
  • Added loan_to_value values to the Offering and Loanbook object responses
  • Updated GBGroup Service activity log table so that incremental ID verifications are also listed alongside initial ID verification checks
  • Added new GET /public/featuredLoanbooks route to retrieve Loanbooks that have is_featured == true
  • Added interest_outstanding calculation for Investments to return the PMT value of an Investment based on the Investment’s Interest Rate, Capital Outstanding, and the Number of Repayments Remaining
  • Updated share purchase and secondary market share purchase workflows to remove the ID reference number of the Offering’s Organization
  • Added pagination, sorting and filtering options to Mangopay Wallet Transactions endpoints
  • Fixed bug where JSON arrays were not being saved in the correct format when using custom fields for Users
  • Fixed bug where Users would be able to access documents from other Users’ Offerings before they had been Published
  • Added new GET /offerings/{offering_id}/gcen/balance feature
  • Added new GET /offerings/{offering_id}/gcen/balanceLog feature


Released on Monday 25th July 2016

  • Added new route GET /capitalizations/{capitalization_id}/changelog
  • Added new route GET /capitalizations/{capitalization_id}
  • Added new route PATCH /capitalizations/{capitalization_id}
  • Added new route POST /capitalizations/{capitalization_id}/offerings
  • Added new route GET /public/loanbooks
  • Added new route GET /public/loanbooks/{loanbook_id}
  • Added new route GET /self/stats
  • Added new exception if API request contains an invalid image parameter when calling PATCH /self
  • Updated implementation of POST /self/resendVerificationEmail to default to using the logged-in User’s email value. Backwards compatible for implementations that specify email as a body parameter.
  • Added new route GET /self/capitalizations
  • Added support for adjusting default timezone on Back Office settings page
  • Allowed Organization team members to view their Organizations and Offerings through GET /self/organizations and GET /self/offerings
  • Added calculation for Net Annualized Return of an Investment
  • Updated exception messages when trying to create Bulletins for Offerings that are not yet Published
  • Updated exception messages when trying to update an Offering that has been Published or is past its Close Date through the API
  • Added new exception messages when trying to add a User’s logo from an invalid Document
  • Updated object responses to return data attributes in alphabetical order
  • Added new calculations to Investment and Offerings: capital_outstanding and repayments_remaining
  • Added is_loanbook attribute to Investment data model
  • Support for setting up custom data models through the Back Office
  • Fixed bug where Transaction Amount variable was returning values with 4 decimal places in Back Office mail triggers
  • Fixed bug where a 500 error would be returned when trying to create a User Wallet through POST /self/wallets without including the currency parameter
  • Fixed bug where a 500 error would be returned when trying to create an Offering through POST /organizations/{organization_id}/offerings without including the funding_goal parameter
  • Added new exceptions to prevent success messages being returned when making a request to update unrecognized or system attributes through PATCH /self function


Released on Wednesday 13th July 2016

  • Added a new GET /public/stats route to return platform statistics
  • Fixed bug where certain date formats were not being saved correctly as a custom field
  • Fixed typo in the Forum Topic response model
  • Updated GBGroup ID Verification and Incremental Verification services to send UK Driving Licence number and Postal Code
  • Updated Invitation response model to include count and list fields instead of an unformatted array
  • Removed depreciated is_current attribute from Offering response model
  • Added contact_point to all Organization members responses
  • Updated has_been_blocked value to true or false instead of 1 or 0
  • Extended length of passport_number to 64 characters
  • Added data validation to ensure GBGroup ID verification and Incremental Verification send passport_country field in full country name format


Released on Friday 8th July 2016

  • Added new sub_building field to the Address object
  • Added new POST /self/gbgroup/incrementalVerify function
  • Fixed bug causing numerical or date-based custom object values not to be saved through the API


Released on Wednesday 6th July 2016

  • Enabled changing default currency and date format in the Back Office application
  • Enabled sorting by Close Date on GET /offerings by specifying sort parameter as close_date
  • Support for new mail triggers based on Contego AML/KYC responses: RED, AMBER and GREEN
  • Allowed Organization contact_point Users to retrieve Draft Offerings through GET /offerings/{offering_id}
  • Allowed Organization contact_point Users to see their Organization’s Offering Deal Room access requests
  • Fixed bug when showing certain update message on the Deal Room that caused a 500 error in the Back Office
  • Fixed bug where Users were not seeing custom Blocked messages if they had been blocked through the Back Office
  • Fixed bug on Deal Room access request response where the count was returning ‘1’ if the User could not see any requests


Released on Monday 4th July 2016

  • Added authentication through Single Sign On using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter
  • Added Veridu service routes for creating a Veridu profile, verifying the User’s phone, and processing a background check
  • Updated API exception messages
  • Added Veridu service activity log
  • Added new mail trigger when using GBGroup ID Verification service
  • Added ‘User Blocked’ mail trigger
  • Fixed bug where ‘User Approved’ mail would not be triggered if a User was approved through the Back Office
  • Fixed bug in ‘count’ attribute of public Users and Organizations routes
  • Fixed bug related to creating investments below the minimum number of shares threshold in secondary share purchase workflow
  • Fixed bug where Users could see other Users’ addresses when authenticated


Released on Thursday 30th June 2016

  • Fixed bug where Deal Rooms were not returning Document Groups' group_name attribute
  • Updated secondary market share purchase workflow to prohibit purchasing primary shares and to make shares 'settled'
  • Fixed bug where cyrillic characters in document file names would prevent Documents from being downloaded in the Back Office


Released on Tuesday 28th June 2016

  • Fixed bug where Draft Loanbooks were being returned by GET /loanbooks
  • Enabled Organization > contact_point User to see the Organization’s Draft Offerings
  • Fixed bug where custom fields were not being saved when calling POST /users
  • Added filtering and pagination to GET /self/offerings
  • Added filtering and pagination to GET Mangopay Bank Accounts function
  • Fixed bug on Analytics API filtering parameters
  • Fixed duplicate exception codes
  • Updated exception error messages for Public, Document, GBGroup, Bulletin, Contego, Invitation and Payout endpoints
  • Added automatic logging of Contego ID checks
  • Added new GET /self/contego endpoint to retrieve the most recent Contego score for a User


Released on Monday 20th June 2016

  • Added support for registering and logging in using Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Added private API workflow for purchasing secondary shares using GCEN
  • Enabled filtering on Mangopay transactions
  • Fixed bug with filtering on GET /self/investments
  • Added list array to Mangopay Wallets and Transactions responses
  • Depreciated wallets array when retrieving Mangopay Wallets. Please use list instead.
  • Depreciated transactions array when retrieving Mangopay Transactions. Please use list instead.
  • Changed object count in API responses from format { "count" : { "object_count" : -count- } } to { "count" : -count- }


Released on Wednesday 15th June 2016

  • Added filter options to internal wallet transactions
  • Added GCEN route POST /self/gcen/register
  • Depreciated GCEN route POST /self/gcenRegister
  • Added GCEN route GET /self/gcen/balance
  • Depreciated GCEN route GET /self/gcenBalance
  • Added GCEN route GET /self/gcen/balanceLog
  • Depreciated GCEN route GET /self/gcenBalanceLog
  • Added GCEN route POST /self/gcen/requestWithdrawal
  • Depreciated GCEN route POST /self/gcenPaymentReturn
  • Added function to register a Natural User UK bank account through Mangopay using POST /self/mangopay/bankaccounts with type = ‘GB’
  • Added function to register a Natural User UK bank account through Mangopay using POST /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/bankaccounts with type = ‘GB’
  • Added further security checks to API keys when accessing admin API functions
  • Added function to filter GET /self/investments by created_at
  • Added support for new mail triggers when User is Approved
  • Prevented an Offering from being Canceled if it has Investments that are Open, Approved or Settled
  • Updated Reyker Registration function to take the User’s Address > country as ‘CountryOfResidence’
  • Added reyker_id to the Self response model
  • Support for exporting Reyker Transaction Log
  • Updated GBGroup IDVerify process to use a User’s BankAccount details when running an ID check


Released on Wednesday 8th June 2016

  • Fixed incorrect exception when calling an invalid route
  • Fixed incorrect exception when using an invalid method
  • Updated implementation of GET /self/gcen/runningBalance to accept query parameters
  • Removed incorrect filtering options from GET /investments/{investment_id}/secondaryInvestments and ../allSecondaryInvestments
  • Added new Loanbook API endpoints
  • Added new Mangopay Legal User payout to wallet route
  • Added validation to Country Code fields with backwards compatibility
  • Added new exceptions to Offering routes
  • Added birth_country attribute to User response
  • Enabled Organization’s contact_point User to access Deal Room documents
  • Fixed incorrect http status code for retrieving documents without access


Released on Friday 3rd June 2016

  • Added new GET investments/{investment_id}/allSecondaryInvestments function to retrieve all secondary investments recursively for an investment
  • Fixed bug where User's phone_verified attribute was not being set to 'true' from within Veridu service
  • Added document_group to Documents response
  • Fixed bug from v1.3.20 where a User's image could not be updated
  • Added support for new mail triggers for Transactions and Payout updates
  • Added new GET self/mangopay/payins/{payin_id} route
  • Added investment_count attribute to the Offering response
  • Added new GET self/mangopay/bankaccounts/{bankaccount_id} route
  • Fixed bug on DELETE /investments/{investment_id} response
  • Added divested_shares to Investment response


Released on Friday 27th May 2016

  • Added new database tables to store Users' and Organizations' Mangopay Bank Account IDs automatically after registering through Mangopay
  • Added new GET /self/mangopay/bankaccounts and GET /organizations/{organization_id}/mangopay/bankaccounts routes
  • Added support for new narrative parameter in GCEN Balance Transfer functions
  • Added support for new GCEN Running Balance function at GET /self/gcen/runningBalance
  • Added support for an optional address_id parameter when implementing a Veridu user background check
  • Removed depreciated attributes file and media from all object responses
  • Added new 'reyker_isin' parameter to Organization for use with the Reyker API
  • Added support for new GCEN foreign exchange routes POST /self/gcen/getFXQuote and POST /self/gcen/confirmQuoteWithCardPayment
  • Added ISO 8601 date validation for User's birth_date field
  • Fixed bug with saving multiple User Bank Accounts
  • Fixed bug with LinkedIn service authentication


Released on Monday 23rd May 2016

  • Fixed bug with key contact email trigger when joining an Organization
  • Enabled saving settings required for Reyker valuation API


Released on Friday 20th May 2016

  • Fixed bug with making a payin by card through Mangopay as a legal user (Organization)
  • Updated access restrictions on Users when updating a Document using PATCH /documents/{document_id}
  • Updated Contego integration to find Document by tag instead of file_type
  • Fixed exception handling on Mangopay card registration process


Released on Friday 13th May 2016

  • Added mangopay_wallet_id to Offering response
  • Fixed bug with MESSAGE_CONTENT tag not working for some Admin User emails
  • Added new GET investments/{investment_id}/secondaryInvestments route
  • Added new document_tag filter to GET /{object}/documents routes
  • Updated User response to exclude income_range unless user is Self
  • Fixed bug where Canceled Offerings were being returned by GET public/featuredOfferings
  • Added new GET /users/{user_id}/offerings route to retrieve another User's Published, Closing or Settled Offerings


Released on Friday 6th May 2016

  • New Reyker API integration
  • New API features for discussion forums, topics, posts and comments
  • Fixed MessageService error
  • Added new Mangopay integration function to create a wallet for an Offering
  • Updated response on GET /self when the logged-in User doesn't have any BankAccounts
  • Fixed email verification bug when link was not being sent in tags


Released on Tuesday 3rd May 2016

  • Fixed bug with count of investments from GET /offerings/{offering_id}/investments
  • Fixed default sort for Mangopay Transactions
  • Fixed bug where DELETE /self would not also block the User


Released on Friday 29th April 2016

  • Added query parameters for limit and page for Mangopay transactions
  • Added new GET /self/mangopay/cards route
  • Added new database model for holding User and Organization Mangopay cards


Released on Thursday 28th April 2016

  • Support for new mail triggers for new deal room requests submitted, deal room requests approved, deal room edit rights granted, Mangopay bank wire transfers, GCEN bank wire transfers
  • Added documents array to User, Organization, Offering and Investment object responses


Released on Monday 25th April 2016

  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to delete or nullify custom fields in some objects
  • Added Organization's contact_point to the User members array response


Released on Tuesday 19th April 2016

  • Fixed bug where Documents were not returned correctly in the Deal Room response
  • Updated Contego integration KYC Check feature to use User's honorific_prefix attribute
  • Added new route to allow legal users (Organizations) to create a Payin by Bank Wire using Mangopay


Released on Tuesday 12th April 2016

  • Updated network document limits to ignore deleted Documents
  • Updated GET investments to show default values for settled_at and number_of_shares attributes
  • Added further exception handling to Mangopay integration


Released on Saturday 9th April 2016

  • Fixed bugs with some Mangopay integration routes
  • Added new routes to allow access to Offering and Organization data by public users without logging in


Released on Wednesday 6th April 2016

  • Added optional profile_id parameter to GBGroup integration ID Verify function
  • Added support for new Bank Wire email trigger
  • Refactored Deal Room Documents to use documents instead of depreciated file array
  • Added custom response array for all objects
  • Depreciated info response array for all objects


Released on Tuesday 29th March 2016

  • Fixed bug in Investment object's divested_amount calculation
  • Added mail triggers for Offering updates
  • Added mail triggers for sending user messages
  • Fixed bug when new Users were registering and sending custom data in the same API call


Released on Friday 25th March 2016

  • Fixed bug when making a payout using Mangopay integration
  • Fixed bug with limiting the number of custom fields on some objects


Released on Thursday 24th March 2016

  • Fixed bug where Offering's primary_offering_id attribute could not be nullified
  • Added limits on the number of custom values per object


Released on Tuesday 22nd March 2016

  • Added 'divested_amount' to Investment object response


Released on Monday 21st March 2016

  • Updated Back Office dashboard statistics to include only Open, Approved or Settled Investments
  • Updated Deal Room functionality


Released on Wednesday 16th March 2016

  • Added new API functionality for Loanbook models
  • Updated Mangopay integration for usage by legal users (Organizations)
  • Add user_full_name to the User members response model
  • Updated GCEN integration to use GCEN's /AMLRegister instead of /Register function
  • Added Contego integration service error if Postal Code is not provided


Released on Monday 7th March 2016

  • Added Veridu integration to allow Users to verify their phone numbers using a One-Time Passcode sent by SMS
  • Added new phone_verified attribute to the User object model
  • Updated the Organization's contact_point response to default to the Organization's author User
  • Updated Yodlee integration to fix changes in parameters
  • Added Graydon and Contego integrations
  • Added support for creating a Mangopay Wallet for a legal user (Organization)


Released on Thursday 25th February 2016

  • Added support for Social Sign On using LinkedIn
  • Added new Application object and API functionality
  • Created new mail trigger to the Offering's author when a new Investment is created
  • Updated GCEN integration payment return service to accept optional parameters
  • Fixed bug where Mangopay legal user (Organization) KYC documents were not transmitted correctly


Released on Monday 22nd February 2016

  • Added Mangopay KYC Document upload for Organizations
  • Added document_tag to Mangopay Organization KYC service to specify a custom document to use for KYC purposes
  • Added GCEN Balance Log function for Offerings


Released on Thursday 18th February 2016

  • Enabled User registration through SSO with a LinkedIn account
  • Fixed bug with the Organization additional_type attribute
  • Added gcen_client_id attribute to Offerings
  • Fixed bugs with Contego integration KYB service
  • Added optional ToClientId parameter for GCEN investment and card payment processes
  • Added Yodlee API integration services
  • Fixed bug when users could not add null values to custom object fields


Released on Friday 5th February 2016

  • Added new support for Mangopay's Repayment API
  • Bug fixes with Contego integration
  • Added support for showing User access logs in the Back Office
  • Updated integration with GCEN's KYC Check API
  • Fixed bug with decimal fields being required for some objects
  • Increased Document's file_alias attribute length
  • Updated integration with Mangopay for the Card Registration API
  • Added GCEN Credit Test Balance API
  • Added function to create a new internal wallet for another User by user_id
  • Added new mail trigger for POST /public/newsletterSignup route
  • Added new mail trigger for DELETE /self route
  • Added support for Contego's KYB Check
  • Added POST /self/changeEmail route
  • Added Public Users and Organizations routes


Released on Tuesday 19th January 2016

  • Fixed bug with GET /organizations returning Archived and Canceled Organizations


Released on Monday 18th January 2016

  • Extended length of Organization's display_name attribute to 64 characters
  • Fixed bugs with mail triggers


Released on Friday 15th January 2016

  • New integration with Contego
  • Added audit trail for blocking and unblocking of Users
  • Added new exceptions for incorrect data input of decimal fields
  • Updated Investment exception rules
  • Fixed Organization visibility bug
  • Added published_at to Offering response model
  • Increased size of Organization's brief_desc attribute
  • Added new contact_point attribute for Organization

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